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Our Girls



Standard Poodle (50lbs)

Barkley Ann is the life of the party! She will always greet you with a smile and throw a paw your way! She is retired and living her best farm dog life:)



Standard F1 Bernedoodle (75 lbs)

Mom- Bernese Mountain Dog (100 lbs)

Dad- Standard Poodle ( 65 lbs)

Oakley is the goofiest girl in the house! She is constantly making us giggle and literally cannot get close enough to you! She is very human driven and will do anything for a pet!


Finley Jo

Mini F1bb Goldendoodle (15 lbs)

Mom- Mini F1b Goldendoodle (20 lbs)

Dad- Mini Poodle ( 15 lbs)

Finley Jo sure knows how to keep you on your toes! She enjoys parkour, walks, and anything else to help get that energy out haha. When she does run that energy out, she enjoys a snuggle on the couch and lots of kisses! She also resides in a guardian home.



Standard Poodle (60 lbs)

Mom- Standard Poodle (50 lbs)

Dad- Standard Poodle ( 60 lbs)

Penny is as snuggly as they come! Her temperament has been outstanding since the day she arrived. She is confident, motivated, tenderhearted and so great with other pets! We are just in awe of her and cannot wait to see what traits she will pass on to her future litters!


Standard Poodle (50lbs)

Bonnie Mae is the litter mate/sister of Barkley. Opposite of Barkley, Bonnie is more reserved and the most loyal mama's girl around! She loves to snuggle and gives the best hugs!



Standard F1bb Goldendoodle (50 lbs)

Mom- Poodle (50 lbs)

Dad- Standard F1b Goldendoodle ( 55 lbs)

Shelby is the daughter of Barkley and Bear (our retired boy). She lives in a guardian home and is very goofy like her mama and an all around good girl just like her daddy! She enjoys laying on her back with a toy to show off and joining you for your morning cup of coffee on the couch!



Miniature F1 Goldendoodle (35 lbs)

Mom- Golden Retriever (50 lbs)

Dad- Miniature Poodle (9 lbs)

Peach is such a sweet soul! She loves anything outdoors and her kiddos even more! She resides in a guardian home where she gets to love on two sweet little boys and learn all the patience in the world!



Standard F1b Sheepadoodle (65 lbs)

Mom- Standard F1 Sheepadoodle (70 lbs)

Dad- Standard Poodle ( 60 lbs)

Dottie is a sweetheart! She inherited all of her mama's calm nature and curiosity. She is affectionate, friendly, and extremely loyal. All of these characteristics are going to make her the best mama around! We cant wait to meet her sweet babies.

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